S.A. Swimming pool, a company specialized in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools and artificial ponds, both in the public and private sectors, is based in Manerba del Garda (BS) but it operates throughout the country and abroad. The team consists of highly skilled professionals, in order to follow the customer in all the phases of the project, from the creation of the idea to the ordinary maintenance. The experience gained in over 20 years of activity allows S.A.. to design and build swimming pools and artificial ponds of any type or

size but always with unique features. Working together with the design studios S.A.. Piscine shares the skills required to create authentic works of art to achieve the most complete customer satisfaction. The high quality standard in the choice of materials and equipment, in addition to maintaining the appearance of pools and ponds unchanged over time, It allows to achieve the technical excellence in energy consumption and performance. The search for perfection characterizes

each realization regardless of the type, complexity or size of the plant. The primary goal of S.A. Piscine are fully catered to the needs of the client, ensuring that each project, unique in its kind, is not limited to the construction of a masonry work but it is the realization of a dream, an object of desire. S.A. Pools guarantees its products for three years from the date of delivery, one more than the European standard, reflecting the high quality of materials and construction techniques used.

plan together to ensure full customer satisfaction in the design phase S.A. Piscine ensures that all requirements and customer choices are incorporated into real project simultaneously ensuring that all spaces, including the technical ones, reach a very high quality standard. The experience of S.A.. Piscine is decisive in the choice of the forms and the best materials for each project, to make the most of the space, but also to guarantee a great work life. At this stage, working closely with the designers, will be chosen by the customer all options and accessories for a unique realization. The ultimate goal is maximum customer satisfaction. options and accessories to make every single realization for the most 'demanding customers S.A. Piscine selects great useful and high-standard accessorizes, such as: masonry stairs of any type, high strength steel ladders, automatic and manual covers, whirlpool accessories, showers, geysers, fountains or water features, trampolines, underwater led lights, counter-current swimming devices, and heating water devices, special permanent structures such as masonry or wood bridge and in general any accessory or element suitable for a swimming pool or an artificial pond.. S.A. Piscine uses the last generation 3D software that allows the creation of very precise models for a perfect execution.

building with care even in a small space S.A.Piscine follows each stage of the project's accomplishment to achieve the perfection that characterizes every work.. In this area, by selecting both the most suitable methods and construction materials, in full compliance with the current regulations, S.A. Piscine performs jobs with the lowest possible environmental impact. construction or refurbishment with results always impeccable S.A. Piscine offers partial or total refurbishment services that can include both the bath, hydraulic and electrical installations. Where possible S.A.. Piscine reuses original plants and structures, replacing only the necessary parts, always in compliance with current regulations. S.A. Swimming pool, thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the field, constructs artificial pools and ponds of any type and size, such as buried, off-shore, indoor, garden, infinity or skimmer.

perfection in time with our maintenance services To maintain a pool or artificial pond perfectly, several periodic maintenance work is required: S.A.Piscine, through its highly qualified staff, guarantees the efficiency and hygiene of the installation. Thanks to the experience of many S.A.Piscine collaborators, it performs 360° technical operations, for any kind of plant, in a very short time. We take care of everything! for an increasingly efficient system SA Piscine offers a number of maintenance services that guarantee the duration of the swimming pool or artificial lake, such as: periodic or extraordinary inspection of the pool and plants, seasonally scheduled cleaning, chlorine analysis and ph correction, anti-algae treatment and more. All operations are performed discreetly, quickly and professionally.

S.A. Srl pool
Via dei Colli 27
25080 Manerba del Garda
P.IVA 03955490986
Phone:+39 347 2461417
Phone:+39 348 2239870
FAX:+39 0365 658339

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